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Lushin, Inc. | Indianapolis, IN

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Working With Real People.With Real Potential.With Real Challenges.

For nearly 20 years, Lushin has guided business leaders toward intentional, predictable growth.

We’re sales people, business owners, and managers, and we’ve converted our expertise into training modules that empower presidents, CEOs, sales managers, and others to realize their professional and personal potential.

Connect with a Coach

You need a trainer who can also be a trusted advisor, partner and consultant.

Why choose Lushin, Inc.? Because the success of our training has been repeatedly proven through delivery to thousands of clients. Don't believe us? See what our clients say.

Combatting Disbelief with a Prospect

When a prospect shows signs of disbelief, such as if a product is a good fit for the organization, salespeople often become defensive and feel the need to prove themselves. In this video, sales trainer Brian Kavicky explains the negative effects that can have and shows the approach you should take in order to calm the prospect and let your confidence prove you are there to help.

What Does It Mean When Your Sales Prospect Says, "Let Me Think It Over"?

When a prospective client says, “Let me think it over,” you’ve just been presented with an opportunity to improve your process. In this video, Lushin sales trainer Aaron Prickel discusses what it means when your sales prospect asks for extra time to make a decision and details how you can respond. If you view situations like this as opportunities, you’ll find there’s a huge difference between “Let me think it over” and “No.”

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The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.

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